Abnormally Hot Conditions to persist over Tamil Nadu

July 22, 2017 6:21 am COMK 55

The abnormally hot day time conditions that have been prevailing over Tamil Nadu for the past couple of days is likely to persist today as well.  A combination of clear skies due to lesser overall moisture and strong Westerlies until well into the evening that prevents sea breeze penetration  has meant most of Tamil Nadu has been seeing this warmer than normal day time conditions. Yesterday saw Cuddalore break a record that stood for more than 120 years for the hottest temperature recorded during July setting 40.7°C during the process.  Many places of the state recorded high temperatures that were [Read More]

Hot & Dry Weather to Prevail over Tamil Nadu

July 21, 2017 6:47 am COMK 52

While the first fortnight of July saw convectional rainfall dominate the weather in Tamil Nadu, the last few days have seen dry weather prevail over most parts of the state except for the Western Ghats where under the influence of Southwest Monsoon the last few days have seen good rains in many places.  Yesterday saw temperatures spike in many places of Tamil Nadu under much clearer skies with both Chennai observatories crossing the 100°F mark.  The max temperatures trend across select places of Tamil Nadu indicate most places recorded their hottest day in a week yesterday with places like Cuddalore, [Read More]

Southwest Monsoon Vigorous over West Coast

July 20, 2017 6:39 am COMK 76

Southwest Monsoon under the influence of the low pressure now lying over Odisha / Chhattisgarh region is expected to be vigorous over the West Coast for the next couple of days. In particular the Konkan coast will possibly see it’s heaviest spell of rains of the season so far. The Western Metropolis of Mumbai could be in line for heavy rains as the Shayadri Range bears the brunt of the monsoon surge created by the west moving low pressure system. Places in Ratnagiri, Satara districts over the Western Ghats could see some heavy spells of rains right through the day. [Read More]

Dam Levels continue to remain critical with 40% Monsoon Season gone

July 19, 2017 7:45 am COMK 90

The dam levels over Cauvery Basin and other important irrigation projects of Tamil Nadu continues to remain critical despite 40% of the monsoon season gone so far.  In what is a worrying trend if one were to compare the levels against similar time last year the overall Cauvery Basin of Karnataka & Mettur is roughly at one third of last year’s level.  Despite a poor monsoon during 2016 we are actually worse off in comparison to last year indicating the challenge ahead for us. The situation is the same over most of the other important reservoirs of Tamil Nadu with [Read More]